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Election 2020 Legalized Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms in U.S. States

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While the November 3rd election still hangs in the balance for red or blue, green got the go. That’s right, a green wave of cannabis legalization has crashed into multiple U.S. States. In fact, every proposed cannabis legalization ballot presented for the election passed yesterday, leading to the suggestion that this might be the beginning of lasting change – at least for cannabis legalization in the United States. Which States Legalized Cannabis Last Night? Here’s how the results break down: Voters approved outright cannabis legalization (recreational and medical) in the state of Arizona with the passing or Proposition 207. Mississippi voted yes to legalizing medical cannabis but recreational use remains illegal (Ballot Measure 1, Initiative 65 and 65A). By choosing Initiative 65A, Mississippi voters have expanded access for twenty different medical conditions.  Montana legalized adult recreational use (Marijuana Legalization Initiative, I-90). New Jersey voted yes to legalized recreational use. And South Dakota gave their support to Constitutional Amendment A. This effectively means that adults 21+ can possess up to one ounce of cannabis without penalty. Measure 26 was also passed in South Dakota, required the state to set up a medical cannabis program to assist in buying and growing for…

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Source : Election 2020 Legalized Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms in U.S. States

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