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Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Get Up and Setup.

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Weeks 1 & 2 As I get older I find getting started is the hardest part of everything I do. Fortunately, this season finally ended and my last hybrid CBD strains are cut and trimmed. I really needed these plants to be cleaned up. Moving between outdoor and indoor plants will eventually contaminate the new garden. Bugs are normal to the external environment but devastating to the indoor grower. Our new Balki will be totally indoors so we must get all the old out.  This year I updated my small greenhouse ventilation system with a thermostatically controlled 12” shuttered fan. It did amazingly well for my small 6’x 8’ greenhouse. My six Juliet plants produced an abundance of dense organic buds. (Juliet is a clone only strain that typically produces 17%-19% CBD with less than 0.75% THC.) This crop was a dramatic improvement over last year’s crop. A combination of larger pots and proper airflow made a big difference. Since Balkhi will be indoors, I am not sure what will go into the greenhouse next year. Many earlier strains of high CBD plants did well to produce 30 grams of flower let alone 80-100 grams/plant, despite claims. This is why I am looking at setting up an organically fed hydroponics system. Juliet is a large producer and if grown outdoors, with heavy feeding, she will produce 500+ grams/plant. But indoors, with soil/soilless potting mix, most CBD strains never reach their potential. I found some very inexpensive sock drying racks on Amazon that help greatly with drying. This one held two full Juliet plants but all 52 clips were full. I like this method much better than the Nylon net dryer I have been using. The buds always got flattened and they were messy with small pieces of material scattered everywhere.…

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Source : Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Get Up and Setup.

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