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medical marijuana signWith cannabis legalization at the forefront of many medical debates across the globe right now, we are taking a close, in-depth look at what leading experts say about the medicinal value of cannabis to treat what they claim are ‘hundreds’ of medical conditions.

Let’s start with pain: While it has been normal practice in the West for the past half decade at least, for people to go see their doctor for prescription medication when they get some pain or unusual blood count readings, many are now turning to medical cannabis as an organic and synthetic chemical-free zone for their pain relief.

In the pivotal documentary entitled, ‘Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health,’ Dr David Bearman M.D., as well as numerous other experts and world-renowned authorities on medical cannabis, discusses not only the history of cannabis. Noting that it has been used for thousands of years in medicine, across all 7 continents, dating back to the ancient Chinese as well as age-old Indian cultures. But also the numerous medical benefits that cannabis provides to thousands of people on a daily basis across the globe.


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