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How does the Cannabinoid Content Affect Your Experience?

cannabinoid content 3
Looking at the full cannabinoid content will tell you much more about what to expect than THC potency. Too often, consumers receive poor information before choosing cannabis strains. They go in search of strains that have a high percentage of THC or look specifically for strains that are indica or sativa, without realizing that such classifications are outdated and mostly unhelpful. The common thinking has equated THC content with psychoactive effects. But this isn’t exactly true. Overall cannabinoid content and ratio is more important. This doesn’t mean consumers should expect a mystery every time they buy a new strain. There’s too much good science available to strand consumers on the island of trial and error. Instead, knowing how to read and understand the cannabinoid content of a strain can reveal reliable ways to predict the effect of cannabis plants. Cannabinoid Content: The Importance of Terpenes The two biggest factors influencing consumer experience are THC and CBD. Before we go into that, however, remember that the terpene content of any strain will also have a huge impact on how the strain affects the consumer. As a result, the full cannabinoid content of any strain should never be overlooked. Here is a…

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