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5 countries with the world’s highest (and lowest) pot prices

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The gram that would cost you $1 in Montevideo goes for more than 20 times as much in Oslo


In a truly open global market, marijuana would behave like any other commodity, with prices set by the market based on demand and supply factors. But weed isn’t like other commodities—it’s illegal in most places, and that influences prices as well.

Still, for a plant that can be grown almost anywhere—why do you think they call it weed?—there are wide price variations across national borders. Some of the variation is the result of location or proximity to major marijuana producers, some of it is related to the degree of severity of various national prohibition regimes, and, where it is legal, some of it is related to tax and regulatory burdens, but the end result is that pot can cost 20 times more in the most expensive countries than it does in the cheapest.


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