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Everything you need to know about the new Puffco Peak Pro

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It’s been two years since Puffco revolutionized extract consumption with the original Peak, an electronic dab rig whose chic design and simple operating system elevated dabbing from the basement of public perception to coffee tables across the country.  For those of us in the weed world, Puffco dropping the new Peak Pro is the equivalent of Apple dropping a new iPhone, complete with months of insider buzz, waiting lists, and a virtual event hosted by a floating CEO on a black background.  Unlike Steve Jobs, however, Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky isn’t selling a symbol of status to the mainstream. He’s selling a status symbol to counter-culture, an altogether more difficult sell due to cannabis culture’s inherent aversion to, well, being sold to.  In many ways, Puffco has done to analog dab rigs what Apple did to flip phones — created a hot, modern, and way more fun version of an essential gadget, accomplishing the same job but doing it much better. Aside from the birth of the vape pen, no device has had as much impact on the shaping of cannabis culture as the Peak.  By elevating the standards of product design, the Peak made one of the cleanest methods…

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