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Purple Weed is Legendary, But is it Real?

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Is purple weed really extra potent? Does it give the best sleep? How do I grow my own purple weed? Is it real? Purple weed is very much real, but be wary of bright purple buds. These will be chemically treated and not real. Anthocyanin is the chemical responsible for the purple in weed. These are water-soluble pigments common to much of the plant kingdom. The “cyan” in “Anthocyanins” refers to the blue color, but these molecules can express a wide range of tones, including red, purple, dark blue, and even black. The actual color that renders from anthocyanins is dependent on the pH of the soil the cannabis grows in. Anthocyanins form a part of a class known as flavonoids—the compounds primarily responsible for the hue of plants. Anthocyanins form one of twenty known flavonoids present in cannabis, out of the 6,000 present in the wider plant kingdom. Flavonoids are what cause plants to shift their color spectrum when the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool. While many of us look in wonder and admiration at the range of hues produced by nature, there’s always an evolutionary benefit behind it. When plants turn purple, it’s typically to…

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