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MEP’s Vote in favour of increasing THC levels


The EU Parliament yesterday agreed to endorse the increase of the levels of THC  from 0.2% to 0.3% THC for industrial hemp. They have also agreed to look at the possibilities to put in place formal standards for the industry, these will be widely welcomed by the CBD industry. The vote represents a major achievement for the European hemp sector as, if confirmed by the Council, these two provisions alone have the potential to both grown the consumer demand and also allow the producers to have a greater choice of crop and is sure to have a positive impact on the development of European & UK hemp businesses. Increase to varieties of plant The increase of THC levels will allow a greater variety of hemp strains to be grown across the EU, this means growers can find a more suitable plant for the climate and soil conditions, hence increase productivity and choice On the one hand, the increase of THC level would allow new varieties to enter the market and to be bred, resulting in a better adaptation of the crops to the climatic conditions of the different EU territories. Increase in consumer confidence Standards – The level of accountability…

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