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Getting High in China

High in CHINa 650x366 1
Before 1985, only a small number of tourists were able to get permits to visit a restricted number of places in China. Beginning in1985, it became possible to get an individual tourist visa to visit most places in the Republic, including Tibet and Yunnan province in the south of the country. Around 250 cities and counties opened to foreign visitors. Four of us got individual visas in Kathmandu in early summer in 1987. (Soon afterwards, individual visas were terminated and you had to go in a supervised group.) After spending a few days in Shigatse, where there is the magnificent Tashilumpo Monastery (which is the seat of the Panchen Lama), we continued by local bus to Lhasa.(PICTURE OF MONASTERY https://www.flickr.com/photos/prof_richard/43731923251) In Lhasa there were five hotels open to foreigners. We checked into rooms on the top floor of the Banakshol Hotel, which was full of travellers. We stayed there for a month, before setting off hitch-hiking east through Tibet, then south alongside the Brahmaputra river to Yunnan Province. From there we travelled further east, eventually arriving in Macao and Hong Kong in September 1987. Hash smoking in China For some years we had heard in India about Chinese hash; some…

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