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Pro Tips for Harvesting and Curing Your Cannabis

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Harvesting the crop is a straightforward business, but there are a few things to know before you start the process. The Harvest Before beginning, prepare a good, strong elixir of equals parts chilled vodka and water. The vodka (cooled to zero degrees celsius), will shock the roots into closing up and will actually make them stop functioning. This is exactly what you want, since the goal is to dehydrate the plant. Pull the plants up after an entire day of strong, consistent sunlight, but be careful not to disturb the root ball any more than necessary. Try not to leave mud on the roots, but don’t leave any roots behind as well. Ideally, you’ll be able to extract the roots with just a few grains of mud on them, which will it make it easier to clean them later. Wash the root ball clean with pure cold water – as cold as possible. This shocks the roots into contracting and closing up, which is what is wanted right now. When the roots stop functioning, the plant will wither and die. Leave the roots of the plant in the vodka and water solution for about an hour. After that, don’t rinse…

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