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Experience the Peace and Tranquility of the Cannabis Bonsai

Experience the Peace and Tranquility of the Cannabis Bonsai

Cannabis bonsai plants replicate the ancient bonsai technique to redefine art and healing. The cultivation of bonsai trees is an ancient art form that seeks to replicate the characteristics of a particular tree in miniature form. The healing, artistic endeavour of tending to a bonsai tree may also appeal greatly to those growing cannabis. Further, in many ways, the plant represents humankind’s idealistic view of what a tree should look like. Popular for over a millennium in Japan, its name translates as “tray planting.” Bonsai plants grow up to a meter in height and can live, in some instances, for over one thousand years. In most cases, these make a young tree look old and gnarly, with intricate bends and spirals achieved through training techniques. As a result, many are truly inspiring to look at. While a tree living in a pot for centuries may sound far-fetched, it’s the pot that restricts the growth of the tree. The will to survive and thrive is innate to every living thing, and it’s often a powerful experience to witness bonsai flourish despite being handicapped by less than ideal conditions. Why Bonsai Techniques are Ideally Suited to Cannabis Cultivators Just like any good cannabis cultivator, the bonsai enthusiast is a master of manipulation. Between plant training and selective defoliation, the skills involved in bonsai cultivation cross over in more ways than one to the skills of master cannabis growers. Both teach the art of patience and a close connection with the plant that…

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