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Kansas Lawmakers Continue The Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Kansas Lawmakers Continue The Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana

“It’s time we acknowledge that some of our citizens are actually using medical marijuana, even though they may have to travel to another state to get it. We’re actually using it and we’re losing out on revenues.” by Tim Carpenter, Kansas Reflector Gail Finney and David Haley were the target of jokes and caustic blowback years ago after suggesting Kansas pass a law legalizing medical use of cannabis products. Both had family members regurgitate propaganda reminiscent of “Reefer Madness” while expressing surprise they would take a pro-pot position while federal government categorically listing marijuana as equally dangerous to public health as heroin. “I remember when I first introduced the first bill in 2009,” said Finney, a Democratic state representative from Wichita. “My mother-in-law was like, oh, she was just so disgusted … that I would do something like that. And I had people emailing me like, ‘Have I lost my mind?’ ” Haley, who represents a Kansas City, Kansas, district in the Kansas Senate, said his mother changed her mind after told by a Maryland oncologist it could alleviate discomfort of cancer treatment. “My mother turned and looked at me after she’d been saying for years, ‘What’s wrong with you, my former assistant prosecutor son, in bringing this?’ Haley said. “That was the most redeeming feature. To have her look at me and say, ‘My son gets it.’” Despite action to legalize medical marijuana in more than three dozen states, law enforcement and factions of the medical community have succeeded…

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