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The Definitive History of Live Resin

The Definitive History of Live Resin

The term live resin was coined by Colorado hash legend Kind Bill in the summer of 2013. It originally referred specifically to the butane hash oil (BHO) made from fresh frozen trim, a process that’s been around since the early 1990s, when Kenneth Morrow of the infamous Trichome Technologies began employing and writing about it. In Colorado, fresh frozen (also called wet plant extraction) is an extremely popular hash making technique for cold water and BHO hashes. In this process, fresh trim and/or buds are harvested and immediately frozen – usually in glass tubes for BHO blasting or bags for cold water. As with many great inventions, the fresh frozen process was discovered accidentally, when Bill needed work for his hash makers and decided to run some fresh material. After they blasted and opened the container of BHO, the whole room filled up with an incredibly rich, terpey smell. He immediately knew he was on to something. Given that terpenes degrade extremely fast, the fresh frozen process is beneficial because it removes a much higher amount of terpenes. Imagine grinding up a bud but not rolling it up immediately – the smell begins to dissipate quickly. After this discovery, they started making all their hash this way and immediately began attracting a loyal following for their products. As word circulated through Colorado about this new style of hash making, others followed Kind Bill’s lead and began using fresh frozen trim to make their hash. Nikka T of Essential Extracts was…

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