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Pulp Fiction: Hemp Paper vs. Wood-Based Paper

Pulp Fiction: Hemp Paper vs. Wood-Based Paper

Despite the fact that we’re living in the heyday of digital media, paper consumption is actually on the upswing — in the last 20 years alone, it’s risen 126 percent. About 208 million tons of paper are used worldwide each year and many of these paper products are used once and then thrown away. In the United States, for example, around 1 billion trees worth of paper is thrown out every year. You’re probably wondering: Could there be a more environmentally friendly way of making paper? It turns out there is — paper made from hemp. While hemp paper isn’t particularly common, it also isn’t new. Hemp paper was widely used in early American history. Unfortunately, legal restrictions on hemp cultivation have pushed the paper industry into relying mostly on wood. Still, hemp activists aren’t letting this issue rest. They continue to point out the many ways that hemp paper could help shift our environmental crisis into a sustainable future. Here are five reasons for switching to hemp paper: Hemp Is a Highly Renewable Resource One big reason to switch to hemp is that it is a highly renewable source of paper. While trees are also renewable, it takes 20 to 80 years to replace a tree that has been cut down. Hemp crops, on the other hand, can be replenished and harvested in only 4 months. This means producing more paper for the amount of land being used and saving more of our precious forests. Hemp Doesn’t Need Toxic Bleach Another big…

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