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3 products Young Dolph can't live without

3 products Young Dolph can't live without

Young Dolph is an independent rap artist from Memphis, Tennessee. He’s well-known for hits like “Get Paid,” “100 Shots,” and “Cut It.” His debut album King of Memphis dropped in 2016, and since then, he’s been consistently putting out mixtape after mixtape, album after album, feeding the streets that audio Campbell’s soup.  Recently, Young Dolph dropped his seventh studio album, Rich Slave. Named after a song he released in 2018, it follows Dolph growing up in Memphis, tales of his father’s reputation, and his overall perspective of a Black man coming from nothing to get everything — just to find it out it still means nothing. On the meaning of Rich Slave, Dolph said, “There ain’t no difference in no Black person, period. Whether you got a little money or a whole lot of money, in certain people’s eyes, that shit don’t mean nothing. All they see is a certain skin color.” Though Dolph has been away from music for a minute —his last release was Dum and Dummer with cousin Key Glock in 2018 — with the state of the world, he felt like it was time for some new music. “It was really my kids, and everybody telling me that I need to make some new music. The pandemic hit, everybody sad, everybody going through, I’m like, ‘let me get in here and make these folks some motivation right quick.’”  When asked how the pandemic affects his creative process, Dolph responded, “I’m the type of person to just…

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