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Can CBD Help Fight Candidiasis? Explore the Science Behind It.

Can CBD Help Fight Candidiasis? Explore the Science Behind It.

Have you heard of Athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, thrush, or yeast infections? If you have, then you must know these are all fungal infections, caused by certain groups of harmful fungi or overgrowth of relatively non-harmful groups of fungi. Penicillin, truffles, Quorn, marmite, cheese, and edible mushrooms, which are also strains of fungi, have done more “good than harm” to mankind. However, some fungi may cause severe rashes, itchiness, swelling, burning sensations, and depreciate our overall quality of life. One such strain of fungi is candida that causes a type of yeast (fungal species) infection, called Candidiasis, causing red patchy rashes, itching, pruritic rashes, hair follicle infections that look like pimples, etc. Unlike ringworms (also a group of fungi), candida causes yeast infections that aren’t restricted to the skin, nails, and hair, but can spread to several internal body parts, including organs, such as the heart and brain, and soft tissues in the eyes and bones. Candidiasis that affect our externals, like mouth, groin, or vagina, is known as superficial candidiasis, whereas those that infect our innards are called systemic or invasive candidiasis, which is often accompanied by fever and chills. Candidemia, a type of invasive candidiasis, commonly seen among hospitalized patients, occurs when candida infects the bloodstream. Like any infection, it’s usually our weakened immune system that is to blame for candida invasion. Other reasons may include a high intake of antibiotics, excessive alcohol intake, use of tampons and oral contraceptives, diabetes, and increased stress levels. But these…

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