OOKA x seven9 Revolutionize Social Cannabis with Innovative Tech


Explore the fusion of technology and social interaction in the world of cannabis consumption. Discover innovations by OOKA reshaping the cannabis experience. 

​ Bringing back the communal experience, modern vaporizing technology meets the tradition and culture of social cannabis consumption.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis consumption, innovation takes center stage with OOKA x seven9. This revolutionary device promises a “smoother and more intuitive cannabis experience,” setting it apart from the crowded market of similar products. In a recent Q&A session, the brilliant minds behind OOKA shared insights into the technology, social aspects, precise dosing, sustainability, and future ambitions that make this product a game-changer.

“Where most vaporizers on the market use heating technologies based on an e-liquid that passes through a wick or ceramic—a process that can often cause clogging or heat degradation—the OOKA device is based on controlled heating of a solid mass, such as cannabis flower or other dried botanicals.”

This unique heating technology eliminates common issues associated with vaporizers like melting or clogging that can cause heat degradation through a communicative microchip that offers users a smoother experience.

“The seven9 pods are specifically designed for the OOKA with a microchip that transfers product-specific data to the device, enabling it with a pre-programmed temperature activation for each draw.”

OOKA’s microchip technology ensures precise temperature control, providing a consistent and user-friendly inhalation experience.

OOKA x seven9: Pioneering Technology for Social Cannabis Consumption

OOKA isn’t just about technology; it’s about bringing people together. The device features a passable hose mouthpiece reminiscent of traditional, communal consumption rituals like passing a joint – or, more appropriately, gathering around a hookah. It merges modern technology with the communal nature of cannabis use.

Additionally, each seven9 pod is designed for a session lasting up to 60 minutes and can be paused and resumed later. This flexibility enhances group sessions, allowing users to savor the experience at their own pace.

“We specifically designed the OOKA to be uniquely built with a passable hose mouthpiece that nostalgically mimics traditional, shareable consumption rituals—like passing a joint.”

OOKA’s design invokes the nostalgia of traditional cannabis-sharing rituals, enhancing the social aspect of consumption.

Precision in Dosing

Consistency and precise dosing are paramount for cannabis users, and OOKA delivers on both fronts. The “sessionable” nature of seven9 pods allows users to consume cannabis incrementally over an hour. Each inhalation provides a smaller, controllable dose, akin to traditional pre-rolls but with greater control. OOKA’s pause and resume feature further empowers users to self-regulate their dosing, preserving the product for later use.

“The experience of seven9 pods in the OOKA device is sessionable so cannabis users consume the pod over the period of an hour of active use, which is in contrast to most other ways to inhale cannabis.”

OOKA’s session experience can also be paused and returned to at a later time without losing any product, offering users greater control over their dosage, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Expanding Horizons

Currently available in California, OOKA has ambitious plans for expansion, aiming to prioritize markets aligned with social consumption, and particularly those making headway toward lounges. Californians can access a range of seven9’s effects-based and infused strain-specific pods, with future offerings including more THC pod variety, as well as CBD pods. 

Whiz Kalifa X OOKA

Whiz Kalifa at Drink Champs

OOKA X Drink Champs

“The OOKA device is available for purchase online, through both our direct-to-consumer delivery system (Grassdoor), and at select retail partners in California… we’re committed to deepening our roots in California.”

OOKA’s expansion plans include bringing its innovative products to more markets that embrace social consumption and enhancing the accessibility of its groundbreaking technology.

Sustainability at the Core

OOKA’s commitment to a greener approach to cannabis consumption is evident through its heat-not-burn system. By eliminating the need for fire or flame, OOKA not only enhances safety but is also actively working toward reducing its environmental footprint. The pods are made to be recyclable: users can easily dispose of the flower and packaging ring, recycling the pod’s body—a small but significant step towards a sustainable future.

“Environmental safety is another ongoing challenge for our industry, which we’re happily embracing —As so many companies move towards disposable formats, we’re proud to offer a staple device, and pods created using aluminum, which is universally recyclable.”.”

OOKA’s use of recyclable materials and eco-friendly design aligns with its mission to promote environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry.

A Vision for the Future

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, OOKA’s role remains dynamic. While specifics about future products are undisclosed, the OOKA team’s expertise and investments suggest a commitment to innovation. Expect new inhalation innovations, brand collaborations, additional product lines, and a continued focus on supporting the original OOKA ecosystem. OOKA is a portal to many worlds of experiences, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

“We wanted to create something that employs modern technology while maintaining that communal nature, and it truly is fulfilling our vision of a portal to many worlds of experiences.”

OOKA’s commitment to innovation and expanding its product offerings promises an exciting and evolving future for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide and opens up a new vertical for luxury consumption methods.

In a world where cannabis consumption is continually reshaped by innovation, OOKA x seven9 stands as a beacon of progress, offering not just a device but a revolution in how we experience cannabis. With its advanced technology, social appeal, precise dosing, sustainability, and ambitious future plans, OOKA is carving a path toward a brighter and more exciting future for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.


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