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CBD for Toothache: Can it Relieve Tooth Pain?

CBD for Toothache: Can it Relieve Tooth Pain?

A toothache can make you miserable. There’s nothing as annoying as a sudden toothache early in the morning. But they do happen to almost all of us and can be very painful, accompanied by aches in other parts of the face and head. A lot of it has to do with your oral hygiene. But that’s not all there is to it. Toothaches often occur due to inflammation caused by an infection in a dental pulp, known as pulpitis, abscessed tooth, or dental cavities, also known as tooth decay. It may also occur due to dental trauma, post-surgical recovery pain,  dental impaction, or grinding teeth (better known as bruxism, caused by stress, sleep apnea, a parasitic infection of the intestines, or dental anomalies). At times, it may have nothing to do with your teeth, per se. You may be suffering from an inflammation in your sinuses, and yet the pain can be felt in your teeth. This is called referred pain. Sinusitis and ear pain are examples of referred pain that are felt in your teeth. No matter what the reasons for toothache may be, it’s best to visit a dentist or an orthodontist if the pain is persistent or gets unbearable. Ignoring toothaches can lead to further complications. People often tend to ignore oral hygiene and dental care. However, one must maintain good dental health to prevent infections to develop and spread. One must go for regular dental check-ups every six months to a year to prevent any dental…

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