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The Truth About CBD Withdrawal

The Truth About CBD Withdrawal

If you’ve landed on this page, you must be aware of the amazing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). But you must also be a bit apprehensive about a possible addiction and withdrawal symptoms. after all, CBD is a cannabis extract and America knows enough about marijuana addiction. But before we get into that, UNDERSTAND THIS: CBD, like any other substance – natural or otherwise – can have some adverse effects on your body. However, considering its benefits, its side effects are far less benign than most other substances. SCIENCE SAYS CBD IS SAFER AND MORE BENEVOLENT The large body of studies conducted on cannabis and CBD have indicated that the latter’s benefits far outweigh its side effects. From helping manage difficult-to-treat pain, inflammation, and tackling neuropathic pain, to alleviating anxiety, promoting sleep, curbing depression, promoting brain development, energizing the body and mind, as well as treating different kinds of more severe conditions, like seizures resulting from some specific types of epilepsy – CBD has proven to be a safer alternative than most other drugs in the market. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had even approved the medicinal use of CBD for epilepsy among young patients. Apart from that, CBD has also been found to be an effective agent of curbing addiction and dependence on drugs, tobacco, marijuana, and even prescription opioids. That does make you wonder if an addiction-buster can itself be addictive too, doesn’t it? CBD: Not the same as its canna-cousin THC! Interestingly, both…

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