Study: patients say medical cannabis improves job performance


Patients say medical cannabis reduces their symptoms, increases energy levels and improves job performance.
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A new study highlights the myriad of benefits medical cannabis can have on patients’ quality of life, from reducing symptoms to boosting energy levels and job performance. 

Researchers in Greece studied a group of patients receiving medical cannabis treatment to try to understand how it impacted their quality of life. 

One hundred patients, the majority of whom had a neurological disorder (58%), were included in the study, which was carried out at the Department of Nursing at the University of West Attica in Athens.

Participants were asked to complete a socio-demographic and clinical questionnaire, as well as the SF-36 Health Survey scale, which is used to assess quality of life in clinical settings.

According to the findings, a significant majority (96%) reported that medical cannabis reduced their symptoms.

In addition, 68% said they experienced enhanced energy levels and ‘vitality’ and 88% said it improved their ability to perform at work. 

Most patients also reported an improvement in sleep (79%) and appetite (71%) after receiving treatment. 

The authors say that those who took medical cannabis for a longer period of time reported ‘statistically significant’ more energy and vitality, but also better mental health and general health status. 

Most of the patients said they had disclosed their use of medical cannabis to their family members (85%) and the majority had been supportive (93%), but many were still reluctant to use their medication openly in public and in social situations (81%).

Writing in the paper’s conclusion, researchers say that this knowledge could help healthcare professionals offer more ‘personalised nursing care’ and achieve ‘optimal therapeutic outcomes’.

Previous research on medical cannabis and quality of life 

An increasing number of studies have highlighted the positive effects of medical cannabis on quality of life in patients with a wide range of conditions. 

An Australian study published earlier this year found that patients self-reported substantial improvements across all eight aspects of the SF-36 Health Survey. 

In 2022, cannabis non-profit advocacy organisation Realm of Caring and researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, conducted a large online study of patients with neurological and pain-related disorders. 

Of the 808 study respondents, 77 per cent reported positive effects — with 28 per cent citing reduced pain, 18 per cent noting improved sleep and 22 per cent experiencing reduced anxiety.

Meanwhile, real-world data from the UK has consistently reported improvements in quality of life among medical cannabis patients.

A paper published earlier this year, found general health, quality of life, mood and sleep improved ‘markedly’ after three months of treatment, with data indicating ‘clinically significant’ improvements. 

Similarly, in a separate study, patients observed changes in their overall quality of life, as well as anxiety and sleep quality, suggesting that cannabis may have beneficial effects beyond those for which it is primarily prescribed.

The post Study: patients say medical cannabis improves job performance appeared first on Cannabis Health News.


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