Cannabis Company Owes Oregon $27M in Back Taxes; Largest Sum in State


A Medford, Oregon cannabis company owes the state more than $27 million in back taxes, the Salem Statesman Journal reports.… Read More 

​ A Medford, Oregon cannabis company owes the state more than $27 million in back taxes, the Salem Statesman Journal reports. The sum owed by American Patriot Brands represents the largest back-taxes total owed to the state.  

The state this month published a list of people and companies that owe the state more than $50,000 in back taxes, following the approval of a 2019 law allowing the list to be made public with the goal of increasing revenue collections. The list’s publication was delayed during the coronavirus pandemic as officials recognized the financial hardship some taxpayers faced. 

Notably, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued fraud charges in March against American Patriot Brands, its CEO, and five others for allegedly funneling investor funds into personal accounts and expenses.

Other cannabis companies on the list include: 

CannaKing Marijuana Dispensaries: $319,622 
Medical Marijuana Card Services and five other entities owned by Dana L. Weihman: $166,010 
Marijuana Paradise: $61,214 
Duzon Enterprises: $1,377,046 
Sweet Leaf Cannabis LLC and five other companies owned by Jeremy Wheeler: $829,601 
SC Holdings LLC and nine other companies owned by Man M. Vu: $691,806 
South Lake Retail LLC, owners of Crush Cannabis and Gorgeous Green Retail LLC: $561,618 
Elite Integrated LLC, owners of Canna Beach Junction, and Cannabis Corner: $272,608 
Patrick B. Maher owner of Canna Beach Junction and Cannabis Corner: $265,299 
Rooted Coast Cannabis LLC: $258,394 
4.0 Belmont LLC, owners of 41st & Belmont, LLC, and Tetra Cannabis: $149,257 
Peou Sea LLC, owners of Brothers Cannabis: $132,489 
Singing Sands Cannabis Company LLC: $118, 395 
ACNM LLC, owners of Phresh Cannabis: $102,267 
Bert E. Gold, owner of Hightide and Oregon Cannabis Co-Op: $62,742  
Cascade Cannabis Distributing LLC: $70,586  
Austin, Texas-based Jacquelyn Mangione, Gras Cannabis: $82,109 
Arlington, Texas-based Oluwaseun B. Adedeji/Elev8 Cannabis LLC: $70,597/$67,586 

In May, Gov. Tina Kotek (D) directed the Department of Revenue and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission to withhold licenses and renewal of licenses from cannabis businesses delinquent on taxes in an effort to improve tax compliance in the industry. 


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