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Counterculture Chocolates


Midnight Bars’ tasty cannabis treats
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​ In a world of bland, cardboard-tasting supermarket chocolates, why not treat your tastebuds to artisan chocolate cannabis bars and discs from Midnight Bars?

There are 14 combinations to select from, each handcrafted in small batches. Try their traditional creamy milk chocolate or indulge in one of their more unique flavors. The Key Lime Pie white chocolate and S’mores are popular, while the seasonal Pumpkin Spice and Strawberry-Lemonade milk chocolates must be tried to be believed.

The line also includes dark chocolate and two sugar-free options. Each bar has 200 mg of THC, conveniently scored for portion control.

Try one of their Full Moon bites for a smaller portion with maximum dosage. Made with the same high-quality ingredients and THC, these chocolate discs are packed with 200 mg of THC and come in various flavors — Thin Mint, Strawberry Milkshake, and Orange Chocolate — as well as sugar-free versions.

Midnight Bars and Full Moons were created by grower Jacob Greba, winner of 12 High Times awards, and produced and distributed through a partnership with Highway Horticulture. — Gretchen VanMonette

Satisfy your sweet tooth and pick up a Midnight Bar or a couple Full Moon bites from the candy counter at your favorite dispensary or visit

The post Counterculture Chocolates first appeared on Sensi Magazine

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