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New BDS Study Finds Pot Users Among Happiest, Most Successful People

6307374507_f966da98f9_o_1_The stereotype of the bleary-eyed, long-haired stoner gazing through a cloud of smoke is on its way out, replaced by a picture of happy, business-clad partners sharing a joint after returning home from the office. A landmark new study conducted by BDS Analytics reveals that cannabis users in Colorado and California are some of the happiest, most successful and well-adjusted adults around.

Between California and Colorado, BDS conducted 2,000 interviews, ensuring a roster of 1,200 participants who had used cannabis in the last six months. “This was one of the most difficult studies to design and set up,” says Linda Gilbert, BDS’s director of consumer research, who has conducted wellness research for over thirty years in numerous countries. Researchers wanted to ensure that they could gather a population sample representative of the general public, which meant surveying everyone from outright rejecters of marijuana use to regular users. Gilbert says she’s confident that the researchers found a “robust sample that will be statistically projectable to population, with a plus/minus three-point margin of error.




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