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Why Are People with a Higher IQ More Likely to Consume Cannabis?

Different studies show that more intelligent people are increasingly prone to smoking marijuana. The need to seek out new experiences and a greater ability to differentiate between what is good and bad are some of the main reasons behind this. 


Scientific research studies from the University of London have found that people with a higher IQ are more likely, among other things, to consume certain substances such as cannabis.

Specifically, two studies published by James W. White in 2011 and 2012 are the most significant in this field. The studies analysed the intelligence and emotional creativity of 3,818 men and 4,128 women during different stages of their life, between 16 and 30. During that period, the participants were subjected to periodic controls in order to find out about their marijuana consumption and habits and to draw conclusions based on it.


According to some experts, the fact that intelligent people tend to use certain products such as cannabis is owed to their desire to create and feel new sensations. In turn, the writer and psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa believes that it has to do with the evolutionary psychology of human beings; he believes that a plant like this offers stimulation to keep progressing and adapting to changes.

Meanwhile, an expert in substances such as cannabis, Clinton B.McCracken believes that it is linked with the ability to decide between what can or cannot affect the person. However, other experts think that it is related to the existing link between intelligence and a social inability to adapt: the isolation that some of the greatest geniuses are subjected to from a young age would lead them to seek new experiences in order to overcome the tedium.

Lastly, there are also those who believe that it depends on trends, cultures and specific moments. What does seem absolutely certain is that more intelligent people know what is really good for them.

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