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Getting started growing your own pot can be quite a daunting process. There are so many styles, techniques and products to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled 11 low-cost, high-return products for the beginner grower that will make their first attempts at cultivation easier and hassle-free.

1. Fast Green Hand Clean 



Sticky resins are the bane of both trimmers and dabbers lives, but we’ve finally found a product that works to clean hands, scissors and dab tools. Made in Humboldt County, Fast Green Hand Clean is a certified organic cleaner that effectively removes concentrates and oil residues from nearly anything. Simply spray it on and wipe it off to eliminate stubborn waxes. This product will keep your beginner grower and their growing area clean.






2. Shield N Seal – Prices VarySNS-700.jpg

The next generation of heat-sealing technology has arrived! Try the variety of products available from Shield N Seal to lock in the freshness of your flowers. They use 5-mm-thick, BPA-free plastic in their bags and rolls, and the sealers themselves are top-of-the-line with three different grades and sizes to choose from. Long-term cannabis storage just got a whole lot easier with Shield N Seal.


3. Breakdown Active Bacteria Odor Eliminator 


Whether it’s in your growroom, smoking area or car, certain telltale smells must be avoided in order to keep law enforcement and nosy neighbors oblivious to your activities. Safe and non-toxic, Breakdown Active Bacteria Odor Eliminator doesn’t just cover up or mask odors, it actually eliminates them entirely. Simply spray the stinky surface, and organic offending scents disappear for good.







4. Safer Soaps – Prices Vary


Conscientious marijuana growers are always looking for natural, organic ways to combat pests and avoid using poisonous products on their pot plants. For decades, Safer Soaps have provided many chemical-free ways to control and eliminate insect populations and plant diseases without hurting the environment or your family and pets. So before you resort to going nuclear, try a safer alternative.



5. Just For Coir – Prices Vary


Organic pot growers have long relied on the fine products from Earth Juice. Now, they’ve introduced a new formula specifically for cultivation in coconut coir and coir-based mixes. Their Just For Coir line of nutrients consists of two parts for the vegetative stage and two parts for flowering and promotes vigorous growth and flower production in this popular growing medium.


6. Chikamasa Garden Shears – $29.99


Hand-trimming with improper scissors can lead to slower trim times and hand issues such as carpal tunnel and even crappy-looking leafy buds that don’t taste right. From Japan, land of Bonsai cutting experts, comes these Chikamasa shears that are made from stainless steel and are super sharp and lightweight. They’re ergonomically designed specifically for up-close and detail-oriented trimming that results in properly clipped flowers every time. The slightly curved blade and comfortable handle ensure a timely and accurate trim job.



7. Clean Roots – 15-inch, $8.99; 8-inch, $5.99

Plants in pots with roots that sit in stagnant salty water quickly begin to deteriorate. The platforms from Clean Roots elevate pots two inches over runoff trays and greatly improve aeration to the root zone—a vital factor in plant health. They’re innovative and affordable as well as made in America. Beware of cheap knockoffs if you want truly clean roots.


8. TrimBin Filter – $44.99


Clipping leaves from buds can be tedious work. The new TrimBin Filter from the people who brought us the original TrimBin makes this work easier and even sorts the different grades of dry sifted trichome glands that you can later press into your own premium-grade hash. Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the body and mind, these bins are light, easy to travel with and simple to clean.



9. D.O. Dissolved Oxygen – 


Experienced growers know the value of dissolved oxygen for explosive growth rates. The new first-of-its-kindD.O. Dissolved Oxygen is a concentrated non-peroxide liquid form of oxygen that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and pet-safe. You can use it as a foliar feed or add directly to your reservoir or nutrient solution soil drench for a huge increase in essential oil production. It even shortens the rooting times of clones!



10. Revolution HPS x Transition from Method Seven 


With the increasing amount of cheaper plastic grow glasses entering the market, we’re all the more gung ho on the superior products from Method Seven. Their new Revolution HPS x Transition shades provide proper color-balancing indoors under HPS lighting and then change to dark grey-blue outdoors within three minutes in full sun. Comfortable and stylish, these glasses feature a proprietary photochromic lens that allows growers to see the true colors of their plants leaves and protect eyes from bright light.


11. Gas Act – $39.99, Enhancer;


Not all indoor growers can afford CO2 tanks or generators, but they all know that adding carbon dioxide boosts yields substantially. Now even small-scale farmers and micro-growers can organically enlarge their plants with theEnhancer CO2 Dispersal Canisters. All you need to do is add warm water and shake. Handy refill packs ensure that you can re-use these canisters time and time again.




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