How cannabis could help sleep and sleep-related disorders

How cannabis could help sleep and sleep-related disorders
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Struggling to get a good night’s rest? Research shows that cannabis can have positive effects on sleep and may help alleviate a range of sleep-related disorders. An uninterrupted eight hours of sleep can often seem like a faraway dream. The NHS estimates that one in three people in the UK suffer from insomnia, a condition which can be exacerbated by stress, anxiety, physical pain, and other sleep-related disorders. Insomnia is also linked to negative health outcomes which can then impact sleep, feeding into a never ending bad-sleep-loop.  Cannabis could help break the cycle. A new study looking at recent scientific advances related to cannabis and sleep shows that cannabinoids—mainly THC, CBD or a mixture of both—have shown promise in treating or alleviating insomnia and other sleep disorders including sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. The authors found that the effects of cannabis on sleep depends on dosage—low doses reduce the delay in falling asleep and extend slow-wave sleep and total sleep time, while high doses may lead to poorer quality sleep and sleep disorders.  The authors note the challenges of studying sleep in a scientifically robust way and that research on cannabis and sleep is still fairly limited. They also highlight the growing body of research that exists showing how cannabis can improve sleep for patients suffering with chronic pain.   THC and sleep Most studies on cannabis and sleep focus on THC due to its intoxicating properties. The analysis found that clinical studies suggest that the use of THC, alone or in combination with CBD, can improve the subjective quality of sleep, but timing of use is key.  Short-term use of THC-dominant cannabis resulted in improvements in sleep consolidation, and a reduction in sleep delay. Total sleep time increased with fewer interruptions after falling asleep. Research also showed an increase…

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