What is THCA Flower? Is It Legal?

What is THCA Flower? Is It Legal?
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THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp, being the dominant compound in the marijuana plant, and existing in more trace levels in hemp. THCA flower is fast becoming a highly in-demand product on the hemp market, offering a legal way to enjoy a delta-9 THC high, because THCA, which stands for “tetrahydrocannabinolic acid,” is just the raw form of THC that converts into delta-9 once it’s heated – like through smoking, vaping, or cooking. Still, as we all know, not all THCA flower is made equally. The bottom line is that some products are simply superior to others, in terms of things like freshness, strain selection, and effectiveness. Let’s talk about where to buy the best THCA flower that the market has to offer. In fact, you can try THCA flower for yourself using the code HIGHTIMES25 for 25% off with fast & free shipping from Bloomz.  Can You Buy THCA Flower In Person? The first choice you need to make when deciding where to buy your THCA flower is whether you want to buy it in person or online. Let’s talk about what type of shopping experience you’re in for if you choose to go the local, in-person route: Smaller variety of products due to limited storage Higher costs on flower to make up for overhead costs Low freshness level due to low local demand, leading to products sitting on the shelves for a long time Higher risk of ending up with fakes due to businesses that don’t specialize in hemp not knowing any better Having to find a store that even sells THCA flower in your local area But, if you do want to go the in-person route, you’re likely going to be able to choose from 2 different types of retailers: Gas Stations/Convenience…

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