8 juicy apple strains to keep the fall vibes going year-round

8 juicy apple strains to keep the fall vibes going year-round

There’s a Johnny Appleseed energy affecting contemporary cannabis, and if you have a predilection for apples that extends beyond fruit picking, pie baking, and cider brewing, this list is especially for you. Apple-like cannabis strains are for everyone, not just fall fanatics. While many apple-branded cultivars are named for their Sour Apple genetics, others earned their monikers, not for the parentage, but for the way they embody the crisp sweetness of a ripe apple, the sour zing of an aged cider, or the airy, floral essence of apple blossoms. Phenotypes under the Apple umbrella are a diverse bunch, delivering a wide range of both therapeutic and recreational effects. The only requisite is a predilection for the apple, both literally and metaphorically. Here are a few of our favorite apple strains to get you started, and it can be apple season all year long. Sort strains by flavor on the Weedmaps app Apple Blossom This cross of Blueberry Muffin and Dream Queen reportedly delivers an evenly balanced buzz, with a mild euphoria in the head and a soft, cashmere tingle in the body. Consumers describe a swooning onset that mellows into a high appropriate for daytime pursuits or restorative sleep sessions, depending on your resting state when consumed. Iridescent mood boosts, grounded energy, and bottomless munchies are the most oft-reported effects, but of course, your results may vary. Expect a floral, sweet, slightly tart nose and a grassy lemon exhale. Find Apple Blossom Apple Butter Consumers shopping for a dazzling cultivar best suited for daytime use should check out Apple Butter, a cross of Apple Fritter — a phenotype of Sour Apple — and Green Crack. It reportedly delivers a sparkling high with an easy balance of elastic body and crystalline head effects. This hybrid’s genetics are diverse enough to elicit varied effects, so day/night-specific smokers should proceed with caution.…

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