How to Make Cannabis Tinctures With Everclear Grain Alcohol 

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures With Everclear Grain Alcohol 
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Until the reefer madness rhetoric began and prohibition reared its ugly head, tinctures were the most popular form of cannabis consumption in North America. And for good reason, too. Tinctures are a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. Today, cannabis tinctures are regaining popularity, mainly because they’re a smokeless consumption method—plus, they’re easy to make at home.  Because of its high alcohol content and purity, Everclear grain alcohol has been a staple within the cannabis community for years. The odorless, flavorless and colorless nature of this premier, high-proof grain alcohol is perfect for creating a wide range of cannabis products, including cocktails, edibles, infusions and tinctures.  Cannabis tinctures are traditionally made with food-grade, high-proof grain alcohol to remove terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant’s foliage. With a concentration of 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof) and 75.5% (151 proof), Everclear is one of the best choices for making tinctures. That’s because the higher the alcohol percentage, the more effectively it dissolves the plant’s compounds—resulting in a more efficacious end product. The Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures There are a suite of benefits to using tinctures over other forms of ingestion. Don’t like vaping or smoking cannabis? No problem! Simply add your tincture to gummies, juice, soup, sauces and dressings. Tinctures can also be used in a variety of cannabis cocktails. So, if you’re watching your sugar levels, try adding them to your smoothies and other healthy snacks. Worried about the risk of overconsumption? Or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with edibles in the past and you’re looking for a more precise way to medicate? Rather than playing the waiting game, tinctures, allow you to accurately measure your dosage and consume a few drops at a time until the desired results are achieved. Cannabis tinctures also have a faster…

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