Gelato Deserves Her Flowers

Gelato Deserves Her Flowers
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Some cultivars climb so high in popularity that everyone tries their hand at growing them. When that happens, as it did with Blue Dream in the early 2000s, the market sees a glut (along with more than a few imposters) and connoisseurs turn away. After all, who wants to smoke what everyone else is smoking? When a cultivar reaches the peak of popularity on that bell-curved graph all strains take, it becomes pot for proletarians rather than bud for the bourgeoisie. The truth is (and here’s where things get controversial) Blue Dream made it into the joints and bowls of almost everyone reading this because it was and is a great hybrid. And guess what? So is Gelato. In fact, Gelato is likely the strain with the most impact on the marijuana we’ve smoked over the past 10 years. Heavy smokers and heady bois will tell you they are sick of it. They might even talk down its relevance. But Gelato’s proven staying power is most clearly seen through its prolific progeny of offspring, which continues to win awards, dominate cups, and define the tastes, aromas, and high that cannabis smokers all around the globe cannot get enough of. The cultivars which have broken free from the seed packs and defined the most popular tastes for weed in recent times, Runtz and Lemon Cherry Gelato, are a Gelato cross and a Gelato phenotype. Many hype strains of today come and go within the short span of months, quickly “white-ashed” and forgotten, but Gelato has shown its legacy is eternal. The Beginning of the Gelato Era A cross of two beloved strains, Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, Gelato was the first strain in cannabis culture that taught the world that cannabis plants grown from seeds made with the same parental…

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