How to grow cannabis – new book serves as go-to guide for cultivation

How to grow cannabis – new book serves as go-to guide for cultivation
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In a new book, award-winning author and cultivator, Jorge Cervantes, shares everything he knows when it comes to growing top-quality cannabis. Not so long ago, you didn’t have the luxury of hopping online and accessing a wealth of information on growing cannabis – you’d have to hunt down a book on the subject.  If you were lucky, you’d get your hands on what is widely acknowledged to be the greatest book on marijuana horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Grower’s Bible by the acclaimed cultivator Jorge Cervantes. This one book set the bar for generations of growers and put them on the right path to producing top-quality cannabis. With a friendship spanning many years, Jorge and Seedsman CEO Tom Raikes decided it was time to collaborate, and Seedsman has teamed up with the world-renowned author to offer We Grow Cannabis, Jorge’s exciting latest e-book, absolutely free. We Grow Cannabis serves as a go-to guide for cannabis cultivation and a celebration of its art. The book is filled with over 270 beautiful photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text, giving you all you need to grow your own high-quality plants. We Grow Cannabis provides the beginner with an easy-to-follow, free to access collection of cultivation wisdom.  Who is Jorge Cervantes? Jorge Cervantes is the nom de plume of award-winning author and cannabis cultivator George Van Patten, whose reputation in cannabis circles began to soar in the 1980s. Van Patten took the name of Jorge Cervantes and donned a disguise of black dreadlocks and a beret to conceal his true identity, allowing him to enter various countries to build on his wealth of knowledge.  Under the Cervantes alias, he started self-publishing books on cannabis cultivation, mainly because most publishers refused to work with him based on the content. Beginning with Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, which ultimately transformed…

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