Hawaii Senate Hearing Garners Overwhelming Support for Psilocybin Bill

Hawaii Senate Hearing Garners Overwhelming Support for Psilocybin Bill
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Sen. Ron Kouchi introduced Senate Bill 1454 on Jan. 25, which was unanimously passed in the Hawaii Senate Committee on Health and Human Services (HHS) on Feb. 6. If the bill becomes law, it would establish a “therapeutic psilocybin working group” (managed by the Office of Wellness & Resilience [OWR]) to “Examine the medicinal and therapeutic effects of psilocybin or psilocybin-based products vis-à-vis mental health including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and end-of-life psychological distress.” The group would also be tasked with evaluating how markets such as regulators in Oregon and Colorado are tackling their own state psilocybin programs, with the goal of developing a comprehensive approach for Hawaii. In effect, the place would ensure that psilocybin access is safe, accessible, and affordable for patients. During the hearing on Feb. 6, numerous testimonies were presented in favor of passing the bill to allow psilocybin access. The HHS compiled these testimonies on a 117-page document, which included a variety of speakers, beginning with a statement from Tia Roberts Hartsock, Executive Director of the OWR with the Office of the Governor. “As negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to show up in our daily lives, promising interventions for mental health disorders should be included in conversations relating to trauma,” Hartsock wrote. “To make informed decisions on how we should address and resource attention on complex social issues like mental health disorders, research needs to be examined. The OWR supports the purpose of SB1454 to establish a working group to provide recommendations on their findings on the potential benefits of the therapeutic use of psilocybin.” The Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii Board President, Nikos Leverenz, also expressed support for the bill. “Hawai῾i should endeavor to work more proactively in creating a climate that is conducive to allowing qualified medical professionals to use…

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Source : Hawaii Senate Hearing Garners Overwhelming Support for Psilocybin Bill

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