The Glamour Witch Guide to CBD Beauty Products

The Glamour Witch Guide to CBD Beauty Products
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Cannabis may still be criminal on a federal level, but these days, you can find it in your pharmacy and favorite makeup store. And, no, it’s not in such places to get you high (unless your pharmacy is also a dispensary); it’s there to help your skin. As the author of books such as Glamour Witch and Weed Witch, I’m constantly surveying the cross-section of beauty and cannabis. As noted, because the feds still haven’t descheduled weed, we need more research on it, so our knowledge of CBD for beauty is limited. With that in mind, there is evidence for some uses, such as fighting inflammation to reduce pain or even breakouts. There are also products out there, such as CBD mascara or perfume, that don’t hold a lot of scientific bases. So what’s worth your money, and what’s crap? Unfortunately, it may take a few more years and descheduling for us to really tap into the beauty benefits of cannabis (CBD is just the beginning; if cannabis was legal nationwide, we could all use full-spectrum THC products). However, we aren’t totally in the dark. Keep reading to learn what CBD can do for your beauty routine and what it can’t.  What is CBD? “CBD” is likely a staple in most High Times readers’ vocabulary, but as a refresher, CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over a hundred compounds called cannabinoids. CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis. Even though cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, CBD gets a pass, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp. While in many instances, getting your CBD from full-spectrum whole cannabis is preferable to a hemp isolate, as some research shows that the “entourage effect,” or using a full-spectrum product that contains all of the secret…

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