13 essential pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls in Colorado

13 essential pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls in Colorado

Pre-rolls are a great introduction to smoking cannabis and trying different weed strains. They require no effort to roll, are cheaper than buying full eighths, and can be found at every dispensary. But with so many options, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with the shopping process — especially in Colorado, where many of the brands you smoke come directly from the dispensaries selling them. So we made a trip to Colorado to check out a few different pre-rolls and to suss out the cream of the crop. Keep scrolling for my list of the best pre-rolls in Colorado for every situation. Explore every Colorado pre-roll brand on the Weedmaps app Skip ahead to… Favorite overall pre-roll brands Favorite budget pre-rolls Favorite infused pre-rolls How I chose my go-to pre-rolls in Colorado Who am I, you ask? If you’re not familiar with my work, I’m Danté Jordan, a longtime cannabis journalist and the columnist behind The Drop. I’ve been writing about weed for years for Weedmaps but also Leafly, High Times, Thrillist, and many other publications. I also host a weekly newsletter called Words Never Said (wordsneversaid.com), where I discuss the intersections of personal growth, travel, cannabis, and all things life. For me, all weed decisions around quality ultimately boil down to how it smokes. Cannabis can smell good, but if it doesn’t taste good, punch with potency, and provide an all-around feel-good type of high, then I won’t return to buy that product a second time. When I’m trying a new pre-roll, I’m looking at:  Flavor: Truly, the best thing about smoking weed is all the different flavors that come from different strains. Of course, I can get high from smoking anything with THC in it, but the taste of the weed is a huge separator of the good from the bad, as sometimes bad weed can taste like grass, hay, or even straight air.Smokability: When I smoke poorly made joints filled with bad weed,…

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