420 with cnw researchers call for global marijuana dosage standard units 12756

420 with CNW – Researchers Call for Global Marijuana Dosage Standard Units

420 with CNW – Researchers Call for Global Marijuana Dosage Standard Units

There are no widely accepted health guidelines for marijuana despite the increased moves by different states to legalize recreational cannabis and the widespread consumption of weed. Addiction and Mental Health Group researchers from the University of Bath, in collaboration with UCL, Kings College London, and the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, suggests that users should be educated on the dosages of THC, which is the component of the drug that is psychoactive (gets you high). The team had conducted another research in 2018, which highlighted that over the past decade, the THC concentration in Europe doubled. When combined with this year’s study, which was published on 13th October in the journal Addiction, the researchers suggest that the THC should be set at a unit level of 5mg. In countries where recreational cannabis is sold legally, such as Canada, the set level of mg in a product could be easily added to existing labels on the product packet. However, this system could prove to be disadvantageous in countries where cannabis is illegal, such as the UK. The researchers suggested introducing an international system where users and doctors are given guidelines. On October 13, another team of researchers published their findings in the journal of Psychological Medicine. Their study examined the relationship between using different products of cannabis and their health outcomes. Their study used more than 55,000 people in 175 countries. Using the Global Drug Survey, the researchers asked the consumers about the various marijuana products consumed and the severity of the illnesses when they used weed as well as their mental health. The results of the study varied according to the type of marijuana product used and the associated health outcome. For instance, those who use higher doses of THC such as hashish or sinsemilla experienced more severe problems, unlike…

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