Growing Change: NDAs in Cannabis and Entertainment

Growing Change: NDAs in Cannabis and Entertainment
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Originally designed to protect confidential materials, including assets, NDAs date back to the 1980s and have only become more widespread over time. Many companies present these legally binding agreements to incoming staff members on their first day of work, often during orientation. While employers spend time working with their legal counsel to ensure their best interests are honored, employees seldomly, if ever, have the ability to meet with an attorney to go over their rights and how they would be impacted during the signing of the provided documents. Signatures are typically expected during the same day, and any delay in signing has the ability to cause a delay to the onboarding process, as well as create an assumption that an individual is difficult to work with. The stark differences in protections only begin when examining the circumstances between the creation of documents and those existing for new staff. Much of the emerging industries in the United States are based upon levels of competition to ensure cutting edge ideas and innovative and evolving technology to support the future of industries. While trade secrets give each company protections for the way they influence the sector around them, they have also provided a darker side of protections to those employed.  Last year, two pieces of legislation changed much of that for employees across the country. Led and founded by former Fox Newscasters, Gretchen Carlson and Julia Roginsky, the nonprofit Lift Our Voices has led the charge against silencing victims of workplace sexual harm and misconduct. Legislation changes that went into effect in 2022 began with the ending of forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment and assault at work. Historically, corporations have long standing agreements with arbiters they select to oversee disputes, which makes an environment ripe for conflict of interests behind closed…

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