[Exclusive] Woody Harrelson Rides High Once Again

[Exclusive] Woody Harrelson Rides High Once Again
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We all have a Woody Harrelson story, don’t we? There are very few megastars with such well-earned cred and balance in both their artistry and activism. As B-I-G a movie star as Woody Harrelson unquestionably is, he’s also irrefutably a cannabis superhero and he’s been pulling off this deft trick for more than four decades now. But this very moment, right now, could arguably be when all the pieces in his life that matter most to him—love, craft, action—have aligned as never before. Woody Harrelson is, once again, riding high. Moments after walking into theWOODS, the kind of amazing, buzzy dispensary/cannabis club/Zen sanctuary on Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of West Hollywood, CA that Harrelson co-founded with partners Devon Wheeler and Jay Handal and expertly designed by Thomas Schoos, I’m struck by how very much the same the longtime weed advocate seems. I’ve been running into this guy for the better part of two decades and he looks, acts and comports himself similarly each time. That, too, scores major points on the authenticity scale. When it comes to Woody Harrelson, what you see is precisely what you get—hardly a given in this City of Angels. Woody Harrelson in the TV series, Cheers. For most of us, Harrelson will always be the impossibly naïve and lovable “Woody” from the iconic 1980s television series, Cheers, and to others he more closely resembles Marty Hart, Matthew McConaughey’s Louisiana crime-solving partner in HBO’s award-winning series, True Detective. Here’s the thing: If searching for the real Woody Harrelson isn’t exactly an exercise in frustration, it’s certainly a most welcome challenge. Is he funny? Is he smart? Is he passionate? Is he stoned? All valid questions to be sure, and ones I was pretty determined to find out for myself. So I did. In fairness,…

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