UK|More than half of UK residents think that taking CBD is negative

More than half of UK residents think that taking CBD is negative

CBD has achieved its legal status in most of UK yet two-third of the population believes that it is still banned. There are still many people who still suffer from a lack of information. With the very little information they have, people make a judgment about the product without knowing its benefits.  8 out of 10 people believe that taking CBD is equivalent to taking Cannabis. CBD is a hemp-extracted substance which is derived from the mother plant Cannabis Sativa. CBD also can be derived from marijuana, but CBD is mostly found in the upper parts of the plant implying that CBD has fewer THC levels.  Consuming CBD does not bring a feeling of high to the users; it rather makes you feel better for the condition that one is taking. CBD also is anti-inflammatory and works opposite to Marijuana. The intake of CBD does not imply that it is altering the mind or creating any sense of euphoria, but its properties relax the symptoms of the problem.  People in the UK are wary of taking CBD. More than half of the people who were enquired for CBD proclaimed that if they had relatives or friends who take CBD, they would view this as something negative. This research was undertaken by one of the prominent CBD oil manufacturers Dr Ed. The company has come up with a new line of CBD oil and wanted to conduct research. The sample size of research was 2000 and more than a quarter of them were confused about the whole CBD business. The founder of Dr Ed and famous Neuroscientist Dr Edward mentioned that till a few years ago CBD was not a compound that was given much weight age, but now when the therapeutic benefits of CBD are clear, the importance is increasing…

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