Cruelty-free CBD: cannabis-based beauty products that are vegan-friendly

Cruelty-free CBD: cannabis-based beauty products that are vegan-friendly
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Whether you’re vegan-for-life or celebrating Veganuary, we’ve sought out some CBD-based beauty products that can help give you a cruelty-free cannabis glow-up. The start of a new year often goes hand in hand with resolutions, new routines and dreams of rejuvenation. It also happens to align with Veganuary, a global campaign encouraging people to try vegan diets and live animal and planet-friendly plant-based lifestyles. Around 3% of Brits already identify as ‘vegan’ and almost 630,000 people participated in Veganuary in 2022.  As a plant, cannabis is generally considered suitable for vegans, and incorporating cannabinoids such as CBD into beauty and wellness routines can benefit both body and mind. CBD contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and research suggests that CBD protects against acne, treats itchy and irritated skin, and even prevents signs of ageing.  But not all cannabis-based beauty products are vegan. Like many lotions and potions meant for making us look and feel better, they might include animal products such as tallow, collagen, hair, and more. While CBD-specific companies offer a range of vegan-friendly beauty and wellness items, even mainstream brands are starting to experiment with cannabis-infused self care.  Whether you’re vegan-for-life or just for January, here are 15+ CBD and hemp-based products available in the UK that can help give you a full-body, animal cruelty-free cannabis glow-up. Vegan CBD skincare and makeup CBD Restoring Facial Oil. Image credit: The Body Shop The Body Shop It’s no surprise that a store known for natural beauty would lean into CBD. The Body Shop’s new fully vegan hydrating skincare trio includes both CBD and hemp seed oil and is meant to replenish, restore and rehydrate. Use alone or combine for a powerful trifecta resulting in soft, supple skin.  CBD Restoring Facial Oil: £26  CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask: £18…

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