USA|Pastors and Christian Companies hail CBD as the new life-saver


Pastors and Christian Companies hail CBD as the new life-saver


So, CBD now is everywhere and for those who are comparing it to a drug, think twice. CBD now is promoted by leading Christianity thinkers and pastors who have embraced CBD like no one else. 

CBD is usually equated to a controlled substance but in reality, after the passing of the farm bill in 2018, the hemp plant has been removed from controlled substances list. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant which is the member of the Cannabis Sativa family from where marijuana also is extracted. 

Although they belong to the same family, their traits are different. THC which is the psychoactive compound found in drugs is found in abundance in Marijuana. The THC content in CBD is less than 0.3% and is anti-inflammatory also. CBD does not produce mind-altering effects like Marijuana.

Recently Adam Swanson a pastor based out of Murfreesboro started farming hemp. He now has started selling candies, capsules and many beauty products made out of CBD. The pastor mentioned that when people came to know about his new business they were taken aback. Throughout his life Adam was never into drugs and getting into CBD was a conscious decision.

The decision to enter the CBD business came when people discussed how magically they were recovering from various conditions they were suffering from. People said that for their insomnia and backaches, they had never found a better product. Despite such rave reviews, Adam researched and started a hemp farm after his conviction. He also launched his line of CBD products called “Gen 1:29” named after a bible verse. He is looking forward to a wholesale distribution at various Christian bookstores and retailers.

CBD has mostly been found effective barring the lack of research data. It is considered very good for insomnia, depression and joint pains. People who have epilepsy and cancer have also seen the difference in their condition. Many people who have felt the difference have taken a conscious decision to take medicinal CBD and have successfully recovered from their condition.

CBD is still highly stigmatized because people are yet to get the right amount of wisdom. The idea behind giving a name out of the biblical verse was to wash away the doubts that people have about it. Several business houses are now dealing with CBD because of the huge profit potential CBD poses. CBD in our lives has now become omnipresent. From gummies to candies, hair care to skincare products, CBD has given a new lease of life to every user. Several high-end restaurants, fitness studios, pet product stores are offering CBD products. 

In March CVS also announced that it will be launching CBD in its 500 stores. Several Christian companies like Barneys are now swearing by the element. Christianity believers are now advocating CBD in a big way. The products launched by the pastor are no different in make and pricing to the other CBD products in the market. For every 2500 mg bottle of CBD oil, the corresponding cost is $180 which is the same for every product. The packaging also has “Love God” written meaning to comfort people into buying it.

More scientific evidence is awaited to confirm its truthfulness. As of now, the FDA has approved Epidiolex that has been effective in treating people with epilepsy. People also are confused about the legality issues of CBD. Last year Farm bill was passed in 2018 which removed hemp plant from controlled substances. The federal laws and the state laws usually contrast that exposes the discrepancy in the stated laws. There is large-scale confusion on which products are legal and which are not.

Religion and CBD

Many websites are comparing CBD oil to the practice of anointing oil. Cannabis Md which is a leading Toronto based media organization wants to be the best online resource for Christians to foster their belief in CBD and its healing powers. It has also recently published an article called “top 10 scriptures that could give Christians a thumbs-up for CBD” and has highlighted biblical verses like James 5:14 and Mark 6:13. 

Another site named which was started by a fervent marijuana lover and pastor sells CBD balms, vape pens to staunch Christians. South-based churches also have started discussing CBD in a bigger way. Many high-thinking churches are openly discussing CBD but there is also a section which is saving itself from being associated with it. Christian Book distributors were earlier called CBD later changed its name to because it was being flooded with demands for CBD products. 

Many still believe that a lot of stigmas have to be removed from society. Even for the pastor, to begin the business wasn’t easy but now with more acceptability, he believes that the natural healing powers of CBD will soon be experienced and believed.

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