The Cannabis Debate: 63 per cent of Londoners think UK should follow Canada and make drug legal

cannabis0107aLondoners overwhelmingly support the legalisation of cannabisfor adult recreational use, according to a poll commissioned by the Evening Standard and the independent think-tank Volteface.

Sixty-three per cent of residents in the capital back legalisation and regulation of the class B drug, with just 19 per cent opposing the idea. In the country at large, 47 per cent back legalisation, with 30 per cent against and 23 per cent undecided.

The poll, carried out by  Survation at the start of a major Standard investigation into cannabis reform, is the first test of public opinion since medical cannabis was legalised in the UK last November.


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Original article by David Cohen July 01, 2019 at 05:52PM

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