Oregon State reports yet another death due to respiratory illness

Oregon State reports yet another death due to respiratory illness

Oregon State reports yet another death due to respiratory illness

Health officials in the State of Oregon are dealing with a pressing problem. The state has witnessed its second death due to respiratory disorder. The situation has gone so out of hand that the governor has now issued a notice to ban all vaping products for 6 months to analyse the situation in a better manner. A lot of public health specialists upon observing facts have concluded that it is due to vaping products that people are suffering from respiratory issues. 

There has been an uproar among several experts and pulmonologists that vaping is the sole reason for these issues, while there are others who are also attributing this to other reasons. The point is that vaping is still under the benefit of the doubt but in such cases, it is advisable to ban the products. 

Brown is not worried about her re-election as a Governor. A true Democrat she is all for destroying the fraught cannabis industry. In other states, governors are only inclined to impress the tobacco lobby by officially banning Juul Cartridges. Brown has no such intentions and is adamant about removing the menace of cannabis led vaping products. 

Despite being aware of the many health benefits on vaping products, the governor is weighing public health against the chance of crushing the CBD industries. East Fork Cultivars which is a cannabis farm in southern Oregon is all set to harvest its cultivated hemp. It will then take the cannabis to extractors to plants that will extract oil from it which will then be used for vaping cartridges. 

The owners of these farms believe that the harvest season of cannabis is the money that they rely on. Farm owners like Nathan Howard believe that the deals they have with the extractors are what they have been waiting for. 

CBD is an extract of the hemp plant that farmers are growing especially when the hemp is taken off the controlled drug substances. The farm bill of 2018 has removed hemp from the list of restricted drugs. Farmers are free to grow the plant provided it has less than 0.3 % THC level in it. CBD also has less than 0.3% THC which is the psychoactive element found in Marijuana. It is a compound that is responsible for altering the mind. Marijuana also is from the same plant but unlike CBD it has higher levels of THC which causes addiction in users. Smokers of pot and weed find it extremely difficult to come out of their addiction. 

CBD with its properties is believed to have medicinal properties that have helped several cases of epilepsy. People suffering from seizures have experienced immense relief in their conditions. CBD oil is also taken by people who suffer from joint pains and injury pains. To provide relief from depression and stress-related disorders, people have seen a difference in their condition after taking CBD.

Over the years the state of the CBD market in Oregon was suffering because of excessive production. This was beginning to subside and people saw relief in sending their production for extraction. People who had surplus production would supply them with their flowers. The oil was used for vaping products and other eatables which were sold for a higher profit.

Effective data also shows that the oil extraction business in Oregon constitutes about 30% of the cannabis industry. 

The deaths have dipped the confidence of people in cannabis and vaping products. The sales also have dipped because of the fear surrounding the product. The ban for 6 months bought by Brown might hit all the producers hard. The impact of the ban will have a ripple effect on other industries. Every product in one way or the other will be affected. 

The experts are saying that vaping products cause a build-up of fatty oil particles in the lungs which results in the suffocation of products. The Oregon Health State Authority has presented Brown with several options. They have asked the governor to ban these products for 6 months. Legally also Brown is keeping her guards on with continuous discussions with the Oregon Department of Justice.

A cannabis lawyer, Andrew DeWeese also put in that Brown can use her executive powers to declare a state of emergency. But there is a likelihood that the cannabis industry fights back the ban. A major part of the revenue stream in Oregon is due to cannabis production and it will be a huge loss for them. People are extremely fearful of the final decision because a major part of the business will be washed away with the ban. 

Several places have exhibited fear and anger at the consideration of the governor. They feel that the case has to be holistically investigated and then necessary action should be taken. But for now, they feel that their earnings are at stake. All of them are waiting now for the final ruling of the government.

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