Olivia Newton wants everyone to discover the wonders of medical cannabis

Olivia Newton wants everyone to discover the wonders of medical cannabis

Olivia Newton

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We all have probably heard how CBD is one of the best things to have happened in the medical industry. To Olivia Newton too, CBD has been the key to her happiness. She is a cancer patient who has been afflicted with the cause for the third time. The Grease star at an annual wellness walk and run addressed a crowd and spoke about cancer. The talk took place in Melbourne on Sunday

She spoke about how wonderful medical cannabis is. She reminded everyone that she was feeling great despite having breast cancer and undergoing treatment. She gave all the credit to medical cannabis or CBD that has helped her to a great extent. She was excited to tell everyone the secret for her well-being and one day hopes that everyone could access it for their conditions.

She also made a recent public appearance at the Industry Dance Awards and cancer benefit show. Here she was endowed with a lifetime achievement award. She was given the chance to speak and she informed the audience that she was feeling good; and that despite her condition she was doing better. She was indeed feeling healthy and she had cannabis to thank for. Her year had been tough for her when the sacrum broke and walking became a new activity again, but overall she has just managed to do well for herself. 

This is not the first time that Olivia has to battle out cancer. She has already taken the life-threatening disease to the ground two times; once in 1992 and the other in 2013. This time too, she has assured everyone that she is stronger and despite the illness, she feels good and healthy. She is currently in the fourth stage of breast cancer in which she can feel a tumor by the base of the spine. She has CBD to thank for because of the immense relief she can experience especially after radiation therapy.  She feels she is extremely fortunate that she has been through this ailment and every time has come out strongly and alive. 

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant; the same place marijuana is extracted from. It is anti-inflammatory and has less than 0.3% THC level. Marijuana, on the other hand, has a higher THC level. A higher THC level implies a higher psychoactive element present in it that can produce a mind-altering effect on takers. CBD has no such problems and after intake makes a person feel good if not high.

The use of CBD in the medical world has been unparalleled. Ever since the hemp plant was made legal in 2018 after the farm bill was passed in 2018, farmers have seen the hemp plant as an opportunity. CBD now is omnipresent in several products, the chief among them being the medical industry. It has surely proved its overall effectiveness in treating conditions of severe epilepsy and seizures. 

The UK government has approved the production and use of CBD infused drug called Epilepsy for its miraculous wonders for treating seizures.  Likewise, several people have had a pleasant experience with its medicinal applications in treating joint pains, injury pains, depression, and cancer. 

Olivia was shattered when she first heard the news of her cancer returning. She reminisced that when people are usually given the news of something bad about their health, all they can think of is how much time they have in hand. But, life is not measured as a healthy person can also be hit by a truck and can die. So it is important to cherish every day as a gift and take it one day as it comes. 

With CBD her overall confidence has improved and she vouches for her betterment. She feels that the aggressive radiation therapy can surely take a toll on anyone but with the help of CBD she doesn’t have to be hassled after the therapy. With her vast experience in the entertainment field and with the credit of a Grammy award in her kitty, the 70-year-old is surely feeling better with her positivity and her responsiveness to CBD.

Many countries are still not able to come to terms with CBD and its quality to cure people. It is still been compared to the highly stigmatised Marijuana which comes under controlled substances. There is indeed a lot of confusion over the law because state laws are different from federal laws. Once there is more proof to back the claims, it will be difficult for the government to give CBD the leeway it probably deserves.

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