Illegal Vaping products continue selling despite posing a health risk

Illegal Vaping products continue selling despite posing a health risk

Illegal Vaping products

Vapes have been associated with several respiratory diseases. In a few states, the illness toll has increased so much that the government has consciously decided to ban Vapes for some time so that the right cause of the illnesses can be known. Despite such issues encircling the larger issue, legal pot Vapes are still sold in the market. More than 1000 cases of vape related illnesses have been reported yet there is no seriousness when it comes to bans.

Many states like California, Colorado, and Nevada ensured that they ban cannabis Vapes when the outbreak of the illness was reported. Headset Incorporation in one of its Seattle based analytics reported that there has been a major loss in the market share in the legal recreation market between Mid-September and Latter august. But these declines have now narrowed down elsewhere except Colorado.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention implied that most of the cases that were reported had patients who were using vaping products. Surprisingly the vaping products they used were sourced from illegal sources that had toxic chemicals that are responsible for creating lung issues. So, due to this fear, consumers have switched to legal sourcing of vape instead of going to the unregulated illegal vape sourcing.

The market estimates point out the increase in the sale of vapor pens if people choose to switch from the black market to legitimate sources to avail it. They will do so with the full assurance that the product will be legal and tested which will not be the cause of concern anymore. 

On one hand is the market estimate of the growth, and on the other hand, it is also interesting to note that the dry flower sale has also been affected despite the tumbling demand of Vapes. The market share of dry flowers in Nevada fell in September but in states like California and Washington, the sale was almost flat. The other categories of cannabis have not suffered so much with its sale up in most parts of Washington and California. 

Canada has put a temporary ban on vaping products until December 16th. It has officially reported one case of vaping illness which has urged the government to have regulatory control over the products. The government has felt the need to ensure the safety of the consumers and to ensure that the goal of healthy Canada is not interrupted with such devices. It aims to nip in the bud so that it doesn’t give way to growing concerns. 

Taking a cue from the action of the Canadian Government, the Cannabis Industry association also requested the Federal Government to intervene and take a similar regulatory approach. The requisition has come by the association to remove cannabis from the controlled substances so that it is on par with alcohol. This should be done so that more funds can be allocated to the industry to encourage research. This will help the government to get to the roots of the illness and determine if the illness is due to cannabis or not.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant which comes from the Cannabis Sativa family. CBD is anti-inflammatory and also does not produce any mind-altering effects. It has less than 0.3% of THC , which is found in abundance in Marijuana. Hence when the user smokes pot or weed, it might result in severe addiction which has long run repercussions. 

CBD also has been associated with several benefits in the medical industry. It has been extremely successful in treating the conditions of several illnesses such as depression, stress, anxiety, cancer and Alzheimer’s. People with arthritis experiencing joint pains have also become dependent on CBD oil as they have been experiencing a lot of relief in their conditions. Severe cases of epilepsy and constant seizures too have been under check after Epidiolex became legal to source. 

The Cannabis association does not want these benefits of CBD to go unnoticed with irreverent bans which might harm the chances of recovery in several illnesses. In a letter that has been signed by 800 cannabis executives, NICA has also requested consumers to refrain from illegal vaping products. 

The letter from NCIA addressed to Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy want the risks to clear so that no lives are put to stake. The need for a legal and a tighter controlled market is genuine because the country has suffered in terms of unregulated vaping products crowding the market. If government curbs production and sale of such products it will give way to tested vape products. For now, what seems reasonable and logical is to put a ban on these products and the real reason should be known for these issues. 

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