Dr Sandra Carrillo: exploring medicinal cannabis in Colombia

Dr Sandra Carrillo: exploring medicinal cannabis in Colombia
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The Colombian government recently confirmed that cannabis medicines would be covered by the healthcare system, making it one of the few countries in the world to introduce such a policy.  Dr Sandra Carrillo, of the Colombian Medical Cannabis Association, tells Cannabis Health how attitudes are finally shifting, thanks to research, education and the power of patient voices.  On 30 December 2022, the Ministry of Health of Colombia confirmed that all plant-based medical cannabis products would be included in the mandatory insurance coverage system, becoming one of just a handful of countries, after Israel and Germany to introduce such an initiative.  This means that prescription fees and clinic costs are now covered under the Colombian health system and more than 25,000 patients will no longer have to fund it themselves.  Dr Sandra Carrillo, the co-founder and vice president of the Colombian Medical Cannabis Association (ASOMEDCCAM), lobbied in her home country for patients to be able to access medicinal cannabis the same way they could any other prescribed medication.   Dr Carrillo, who also runs a group of clinics throughout Colombia, is a medical doctor and world-renowned specialist in cannabinoid medicine, having spoken on the subject in more than 20 countries, across three different continents. She sits on the board of leading organisations focused on cannabis medicine in the US, Portugal, Colombia and Panama.  Cannabis Health spoke to Dr Carrillo to find out more about what legal access to cannabis looks like in Colombia and the significance of this latest development.  CH: You have been working in the field of cannabinoid medicine for almost a decade now; what was it that initially sparked your interest in cannabis? SC: I was an ER doctor for many years, but around seven years ago I started studying cannabinoid therapies. I am a volunteer of a children’s foundation…

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