UK|Epileptic teenager launches legal challenge over block to GP prescribing of medical cannabis

Billy with mother Charlotte have struggled to find legal medicinal cannabisYUI MOK/PA

A severely epileptic teenager and his family have launched a legal challenge against the NHS and department of health in Northern Ireland over access to his cannabis-based medicine.

Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy lodged papers at High Court in Belfast to contest the Health and Social Care Northern Ireland’s (HSCNI) decision to block GPs from prescribing the drug.

Billy has a rare form of epilepsy which causes him to have hundreds of seizures a year but after the 13-year-old began using medicinal cannabis oil prescribed in the US, the teenager was able to go for months at a time without a fit.


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Original article by Alex Matthews-King June 15, 2019 at 07:06AM

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