Modi must legalise cannabis to tackle India’s agrarian distress


In the past decade, there’s been a sea change with respect to the global attitude to cannabis. Its use has been legalised in some form or another across most of the US, many EU nations, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, and South Korea.

India, however, is completely out of step with this global trend, as the use of cannabis—both medical and recreational—remains illegal in the country.

Globally, these bans have been rescinded as nations have realised two things: First, bans didn’t work over a period of many decades. Since cannabis is easy to grow and process, bans only led to the creation of a large criminal industry that smuggled and distributed the drug, with police forces, customs services, etc. being corrupted into the bargain and large numbers of people being thrown into jail for personal use. Second, cannabis has enormous medical value. It is used to alleviate nausea and pain in cancer victims and amputees, for instance. It is also among the least harmful of recreational drugs.

READ MORE BELOW: Source : reposted by Cannabis News World. Original article by Devangshu Datta June 01, 2019 at 09:32PM

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