IT|New Research Shows Cannabis Liberalisation Reduces Demand for Pharmaceutical Medicines


It has often been hypothesised that providing access to cannabis has the potential to vastly reduce national healthcare burdens. As research into cannabis increases, its ability to treat and help numerous diseases is still being understood.

Until now there has been little evidence to back this hypothesis due to a lack of research being carried out in the area. However a recent study provides the first analysis of “Do-it-Yourself Medicine” concerning cannabis consumption by studying the effects of the unintended liberalization of light cannabis that took place in Italy in 2016 on prescription drugs sales.

Italy has historically been a prolific cultivator of hemp; at one time in the 1940s they were the second largest producer of industrial cannabis worldwide. Despite this cannabis remains legal only for industrial or medical purposes. This won’t come as a surprise to those that are tuned into cannabis-related affairs in the UK where we have seen that mass cultivation does not equate to legalisation, even when key members of the government profit directly from such cultivation.


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Original article by Francis Hall June 07, 2019 at 11:32PM

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