Families using medicinal cannabis ‘are being threatened with social services’


Sir Mike Penning, MP for Hemel Hempstead, led a backbench debate in the House of Commons on Monday in which he stated families were being threatened with social services if they brought medicinal cannabis into a hospital where their child was being treated.

The stigma surrounding NHS cannabis prescription is something Matt Hughes, 39, and his wife Ali, 37, know all too well, as they struggle to secure the product for their 21-month-old son Charlie, who suffers from a severe epilepsy syndrome.

Charlie, who has been diagnosed with West Syndrome, used to suffer around 100 seizures a day, which dropped down to around 20 to 40 after his parents began using CBD oil alongside his other medications.

The couple, from Thorpe St Andrew, buy around 100ml of CBD oil legally online but it is costing them £300 a month.

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