CAN|Cannabis use as a tool in the harm reduction of opioid use: A Canadian perspective

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Lighting up to extinguish the crisis of opioid use? Discover the emerging research for cannabis use as a harm reduction strategy in North America.

The opioid overdose crisis is among one of the most significant public health challenges we are facing today in North America. With over 70,327 lives lost in the United States and 3,987 in Canada in 2017, the number of deaths continue to increase from year to year with little sign of slowing. Canadian and US policy makers, people who use drugs, health professionals, and cannabis activists are increasingly suggesting that cannabis may be an effective tool for alleviating the overdose crisis. This subject has been the focus of a growing number of articles published in academic journals, which have become the subject of much debate


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Original article by Shakera Halim July 05, 2019 at 09:07PM

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